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A City Stroll In Holland

A stroll to the city: A new take on suits

So now and then I feel like putting a little more effort into my look. The goal here is to look well put together without being overdressed. To create Iconic signature combinations for every day wear.

Christian Holland Blogger

For that reason I wanted to experiment with something usually seen as being to formal and to overdressed for casual wear and transform it into a look that you could wear on a stroll to the city.


If you look at a typical men’s wardrobe, a suit is the usual show stopper and who doesn’t want a piece of that in his every day look? You might argue that this could never be the perfect base for a casual look but with some simple changes it actually works.

Holland blogger

Holland blogger

By choosing a color that is more youthful like a army green, Bordeaux or beige and choosing a tailored fit in your suit, you prevent your ‘casual suit look’ looking to formal. In my case I added a playful grey and white shirt combined with a black hat, sporty chic watch and retro shoe shoes. to casual it up a notch.

By also dropping the tie, normally seen as to formal and adding the items mentioned above, my casual dress look was finished and good to go.

holland blogger

holland blogger

Wearing: LIERYS Black hat | harry brown black label Suit | DKNY shirt | Guess Watch | Zara Shoes

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