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Breaking Rules in the Netherlands

In the always-exiting world of fashion, rules are sometimes made to be broken. Any true fashion lover or aspiring style icon must always have some tricks up his sleeve to change a boring conventional look into something more exiting and fashionable.

Guess watches

I took upon the challenge to spice up what I like to call ‘My Office Look’ and make it more playful. Since this look has to be appropriate to wear to school or the office, we need a strong foundation. I started off with one of my most timeless GUESS Watches and decided to build from there. With such a timeless wrist piece, I could afford to add some wild elements to spice up the look.

guess watches

For me it’s all about prints, textures and hidden elements in a look, and these trousers are a perfect fit. From a distance they appear to be grey, but up close you can see that they are actually leopard print. It’s a smart way to rock a print in an unexpected way without making it too crazy. Also, why wear a spencer if you could also go for a heavy knitted sweater? The knit adds texture, and by choosing an oversized fit, the look feels more casual.

Gueess post 5

Next to the garments, the right accessories are a must have. The key is to get an interesting mix within your look. For example, I like mixing this classic GUESS Watch with a black leather clutch and white sneakers for a modern feel. 

Style is all in the details. What are your tips to spice up your everyday look?