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Skinny Jeans and A Nod to the Past

I’m a fan of fashion… (understatement) and I own a few pairs of jeans… (gross understatement) and I feel that the most flattering pair of jeans on a man are, skinny jeans… (lie). Thick thighs may save lives, but they don’t save seams on jeans… no sir they destroy them. That all too familiar ripping sound… like a pair of denim tied one leg to a truck and the other to a house and driving the truck is Andretti. That tearing sound that tells viewers two things in the blink of an eye, what color of underwear you are wearing, or if you’re going commando. Insert Jimmy Hendrix joke here.

Mark St. James, Canada Blogger

So naturally I was, and always have been, hesitant to wear skinny jeans. Especially raw skinny’s. Wearing wooden pants are equally as comfortable. So of course, I was really skeptical when looking at this new raw denim brand that toted as their “Slimmest fit yet!” Yikes!

Mark St. James, Canada Blogger

But nothing says male bonding like pulling up a pair of skinny’s over tree trunk thighs on your back with the help of friends (some old, most new… old friends know better). Thing is… I didn’t need anyone… I actually went down a size. I smoothly pulled them up my legs, noticed an almost normal leg opening and wiped a single tear away while blaming dust.

Hey Mom look! Me! In Skinnies! 

The whole ordeal brought me back to the first time I’d ever tried on designer denim. They were strangely low rise and the heaviest jeans I’d ever worn. So insanely uncomfortable. “Past Me” was such a sucker. “Present Me” is wising up!

Mark St. James, Canada Blogger

But don’t for a second think that raw denim makes you stiff and casual. Those jeans can take on a tux pant in a battle royal, and win. So when pairing them with a shirt, I went for a custom shirt. Custom shirting is all about making a great fitting shirt out of the best materials in the world. From the manufacturer to your door. Talk about finding a gem.

I used to buy shirts off the rack. They jut don’t fit quite like a custom shirt though. Never ever. Some are too narrow in the shoulders, too short in the sleeves, too boxy, and on and on. I can’t tell you what it’s like to have a shirt that hugs where it’s supposed to and has just enough room for comfortable movement. A dream come true. AND if it doesn’t fit exactly, they’ll alter it for you lickity split. 

Mark St. James, Canada Blogger

I mentioned the “past” a number of times so far, the past is where I got the inspiration to pair this watch with the outfit. The worn looking steel bezel and washed leather strap remind me of a rugged adventurer’s timepiece. Definitely an ode to time passing in more ways than the obvious. Tick, Tock. It’s my birthday on Tuesday. Another year. Bring it on. That rough edge is a lot like the bravery I saw when I watched the film Everest. A documentary about risking everything to reach your dreams and the heart wrenching catastrophes that can happen when making the choice to go on an adventure like that. With all do respect, I’d rather wear the watch.

Things tend to cycle around and go through a type of rebirth. Relationships, the waves washing up on shore, fall – my favorite season, and fashion is of course cyclical. When I saw this incredible shoe collection I just about died. It SPOKE to me. I saw history, vintage colors, thick soles reminiscent of the early running shoes and something you may actually have worn to do aerobics in at one point. I am in lust with these shoes and have a hard time not justifying them with everything I wear.

Mark St. James, Canada Blogger

So everything old is new again. Enjoy your Fall people and get through the harsh winter with the thought that Summer is just around the bend and next year… hopefully it’ll stick around a little longer.

Mark St. James
Marquis of Fashion

Images by Matthew St. James